Welcome to Lake Country Jumping Agility Mutts!

We offer agility classes and weekly practices

Agility is a great way to build a positive relationship with your dog, and it's super fun for your dog!
We use positive reinforcement throughout all our training by using praise, food, and toys as motivators to teach them to go around an agility course. Agility can help build your dog's confidence, work off extra energy, and reinforce the bond you share.

Positive Dog Agility Training

Our club is very active here in Lake Country, BC. Some of our members participate in a number of dog agility trials around the province and many of our members practice dog agility just for fun. We focus on building a positive relationship with your dog while teaching them new skills.

Our Club offers Dog Agility classes all year long - watch for us in the Lake Country Leisure Guide! Winter practices and lessons are held in an indoor arena at a private facility on Davidson Road, and in summer we move to Swalwell Park.

If you're at Swalwell Park on Sunday mornings or Wednesday evenings, feel free to come watch and say hi!

Meet the Group!

We're a growing group of dog agility enthusiasts with all levels of experience. Our coaches and hosts make sure all dogs and handlers have opportunities to practice at their level and add new challenges to keep practices engaging and fun for everyone!

If you're interested in taking a lesson, joining our group, or just learning more, please contact us at lcjam.info@gmail.com or use the contact form at the end of this page.


Beginner Agility Lessons

We offer two beginner agility courses: Foundations and Contacts. In our Foundations course, you'll be introduced to agility handling techniques and will start with equipment such as jumps and tunnels.

In our Contacts course, you'll build on your handling skills while safety showing your dog more advanced obstacles, such as the a-frame, teeter, and dog walk.

We run beginner classes in the Spring and Fall. Please check out the Lake Country Activity Guide to register for our upcoming lessons. It's as much fun for you as for your dog!

*Please note that dogs must be at least 9 months old and must have basic obedience before taking these classes.


We offer intermediate handling classes for our club members, after completion of both our beginner agility courses. This course will teach advanced equipment and advanced handling technique. If you're interested in trialing with your dog, or ready for the next challenge in agility, this is a great for you!

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